Our First Pin

The salesmen at the dealership told us that we were adventurous for deciding to embark on such a daunting trip so early. In spite of the vast amount of instruction that they gave us, they encouraged us to take a short trip to break Isn’t She Lovely in (oh yeah, that’s her name, “Izzy” for short…and our truck is named Doofus thanks to J. Clark).

We don’t need a reason to take a road trip. We planned on coming to Daytona Beach for FBCW Beach Camp, so we already had the trip. Just a few late minute logistical changes: cancelling our hotel and booking the RV site, and we were ready to go.

On the way out, we ran over to the dealership because we had an issue with an electrical outlet that we couldn’t figure out and also to check out a noise that we kept hearing.

Of course I was anxious about getting her on the road. Typical, I’m sure: can I really drive this big thing, what if the wind blows too hard, can my truck pull her, and will I get good gas mileage? The first three turned out to be non-worries; gas mileage on the other hand was a little different.

Three times we had to stop for gas on a relatively short 465 mile trip. A little more than we had expected but we were foretold that we would get about 8-10 miles per gallon and that’s about what we got. Other than that and us taking about 12 hours to get there, the trip was pretty smooth.

We pulled into the RV site, after calling and telling the manager that we would not be there before they closed. Honestly, we had no idea what to expect. We stopped by the front office, picked up the map of the sites and found ours. Seeing as we had never been to a site before, we had hoped our site would be a pull thru with no backing in (although I had gotten pretty good at backing into our long driveway). But, of course, that would not be the case. However, as soon as we pulled in, a guy across the way named Brad, volunteered to watch me back in to make sure I didn’t hit anything. He gave us a quick few instructions on what to hook up and where to hook it up to and told us to holler if we needed anything.

Our neighbor at home, who owns a fifth wheel, told us that the first thing we needed to do when we arrived was to turn on the hot water heater so that we could take hot showers all week long. Thanks M. L., you are a lifesaver. A friend of ours, D. A., wrote us the morning after our first night and asked it how it was. We responded by saying it was relaxing, removing, rejuvenating, and refreshing. Oh boy was it. The kids slept well, except for one falling out the bed. Won’t tell which one, since her 6 year old self would frown if I did.



So here we are, our trial run. We are not the most rugged campers in the world as we have A/C, a stove, brewed coffee, internet, and even our printer with us.

But we did set up our own sewer lines, let the kids in the car with sand all over everything, and went to sleep without a TV on. For us, we are expanding our horizons.

Both of us woke up this morning with big, silly grins on our faces. Maybe it’s just first night excitement, we will see. We have a few more days here in Daytona to make sure we can handle being so close to each other and able to enjoy it, so we may change our minds. But for now, we cannot wait to begin our summer trip of 48 states over 48 dates! Because Madison has been with her friends at camp and not with us, this trip won’t officially count for our FL stop, so we will be coming back through to be the inaugural state on our journey. In order to track and see the places we have visited in the RV, we put a large map inside our bedroom.
Each stop we make to visit, play, learn, or explore will receive a pin. Daytona Beach, receives our first pin!!!!
At the end of this trip, our children will be able to see the path in which their summers went.

Teacher: “Kids, what did you do this summer?”

Our Kids: (Smiling)….

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-William and Kelly

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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