New England Fall Road Trip

​Fall is our favorite time of year.  While we enjoyed our trip up the east coast last year, it was during the summer, so we missed the beauty of the leaves changing colors.  After our trip this summer to Michigan and feeling the cool breeze coming off of the water, we knew that we had to find a way to get on the coast this year.  
We spent our first night on the road with some great friends in Gastonia, NC. Upon arrival, they took us to a local ice cream shop, Tony’s. Tony’s has been in business for 100+ years and if you are ever in Gastonia, stop by and you’ll see why! 

After dessert, we headed over to their beautiful home where they allowed us to park in their driveway, use their showers, and even pulled out the air mattresses for the kids.  When it was time to leave, we had to drag the kids away! They made new friends and didn’t want to leave them 🙂 We could not even begin to let you know how much we appreciated the hospitality.  

William’s favorite time was sitting up all night, talking with Bryan and Kathryn, reminiscing and talking about several important topics.  

The next morning, we left around 10:30 or so, headed to Asheboro, for the next 4 nights.  After a short ride, we arrived at Zooland Family Campground.  When we asked around and consulted TripAdvisor, we were told that the place to visit was the North Carolina Zoo.  It may have been because it was during the week, but the park was relatively empty and we enjoyed several hours visiting the different animals.  

We were just getting settled in doing school back at home, but getting on the road presented a unique challenge of managing time, limited space, and short attention spans.  

But, all in all, it seems like the kids are having fun and we are glad that we are able to travel while homeschooling.  

Ever the history buffs, we were able to get a bit of a history fix when we visited the Pisgah Covered Bridge.

We had a great start to our New England Road Trip and are so excited for the weeks to come! #Thomas6travels