#FloridaForty Day 1-Home to Jacksonville, FL


We have been looking forward to this trip for a while now!  Our three other trips this year were just after William’s father passed, we spent time with Grandma Shonen (William’s second mother) and our cruises in August and October. So, it was time for a long RV road trip.

Monday afternoon we arrived in Jacksonville, FL where we lived for three years.


We love that every time we come back here, we see stuff in the city we that we haven’t seen before.  It is amazing how big the city is!


Went by the Harley Davidson dealership…

Stopped by Sweet Pete’s candy store (www.sweetpetescandy.com)…



William tried to eat the biggest sucker he could find.  Too bad he wasn’t tall enough! 🙂

And while we had a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of neat things, we want our children to know that we travel with a purpose.  We desire that our children are cultured and educated by experiences in life and not simply by what has been told to them.

We want to them to know the “how, what, and why” by SEEING the “where” it took place.  We want our children to be proud–proud of their faith, their culture, and the strength of their ancestors.



Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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