#FloridaForty Day 10 Groveland to Frostproof

We are 1/4 of the way through our trip.  And finally a day of sun, so we made the most of it!

With the all the cold we have had, each of the last few nights, we’ve gone through quite a bit of propane.  So, once again, we headed to Walmart, but this time we loaded up so it should keep us a few days from having to go back.


We stopped by the last Harley Davidson of Orlando to pick up another poker chip.


Driving through downtown Kissimmee, we stopped at a massive structure, called the “Monument to States” and discovered a beautiful memorial to veterans of Kissimmee, FL.

And how can you travel through Florida without tasting their orange juice? No better place than to get it than Florida’s Natural Orange Juice Visitor Center, right across from their plant.

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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