#FloridaForty Day 11 Frostproof to Okeechobee


Another successful city sign picture, minus the ant pile Madison stepped in!  We spent the next 5 minutes stomping, and slapping, and swatting ants off of her pants and shoes!

Kelly has been craving her strawberry soda that she grew up with.  And since there is no Winn-Dixie in N. Georgia anymore, we had to make a stop.


Don’t let the smiles fool you-one of them was just crying about not having a small cart to push around…I won’t tell which one is was, but he stopped crying as soon as he had one too 🙂

We found a fresh food market on the side of the road and Kelly knew it would be great to have some good eating with her bratwurst for dinner.  So we picked up some squash, zucchini, serrano peppers, onions, and some fresh potatoes.

Needless to say, dinner was a success.

We spent a good deal of the day outside in the sun at the campground.  It is a beautiful place.  It is a State Prairie Preserve so we were away from civilization about 25 miles and the park ranger and camp volunteers were amazing.


One of the camp volunteers, Mr. Allen, who knows more about the celestial images than most I would say, was kind enough to allow us to look through his specially filtered binoculars to look at the sun as well as his high powered telescope at night to see the stars!

It is looking like we are headed towards warmer weather!

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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