#FloridaForty Day 18 Miami Beach to Pembroke Pines


Our day started off with an unscheduled flat tire (as if they are ever scheduled).  Thankfully, we had a spare to put on so that we could take it to get repaired.  We had just placed a brand new set of tires on the truck before we left in December.

We are still in our first 30 days, so we went ahead and called the shop that replaced the tires and added the warranty onto them.  So, if there are any other issues, we will be covered.

Florida weather changes without notice. You can be basking in the sun on minute and ducking back into the RV the next, as a downpour hits!  The kids would be riding their bikes around the paths and then flying back to the awning to get out of the rain.  It was actually quite entertaining for us!

The kids ended up making a friend…or rather, Macey dropped some Nerds candy and he wouldn’t go away.


In between the rain, we had to move sites.  One thing we have learned about booking RV sites in Florida during the winter time is that you better be on it as soon as booking season starts because these snowbirds book fast.

Because we booked at about 5 months out, and not six, we didn’t really have our choice of sites and therefore are moving a few times while we are here.  Lesson learned.

Mackenzie and Phillip tried their hand again at fishing.  She is too much like William, and lacks the patience to sit and wait for a fish to bite.


Our entertainment for the day took us to walk around at Pembroke Lakes Mall…

…followed by dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Probably should have walked around after eating because we were stuffed.

Finished the day with some ice cream and an early night!

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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