#FloridaForty Day 21 Miramar to Everglades City


We are on the back half of our trip and heading towards the west and then north.


Our drive resulted in a first.  We’ve seen lots of animals in captivity, but had never seen alligators just roaming freely.


The kids spent several minutes doing this….(watch video).

As we thought about it being Martin Luther King Day, we reflect on some of the strides that African Americans have made.  But, then we couldn’t help but think about the slaves and runaways that no doubt ran through these same waterways to try to reach their freedom.  It is pretty surreal to think about.

Since William works while on the road, we are always looking for a post office to mail his clients’ documents to them.  If the sign would not have said so, there is no way we would have believed this was one.

Previously, it was considered to be the smallest post office in the US, only to be recently become the second smallest (after Ojai, CA).

Still enjoying the good weather.

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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