#FloridaForty Day 29 Live Oak to Madison


No, Madison wasn’t named after this city, but as soon as we saw it on the map, we knew we had to come.


Normally, in every city, we visit their downtown. It helps us to get a grasp of what their way of life is really like as well as to experience the history of the town.

From the older buildings, the red brick roads, and the painted murals, these types of towns are amazing to see.

In downtown Madison, like most other cities,  they maintain and display their history, which we were able to see in their museum.

The sweet lady who ran the museum spent some time telling us about the city…


… before allowing us to walk around ourselves.

It’s always neat for the kids to see the major role minorities played in most parts of the country.

From the first black to vote in Madison county (man in the lower left corner).


To the first woman to command an Air Force base.


As well as to see the price of things in years past.


Could you imagine only paying a dime for 4 hours now?

It’s been quite a joy of ours to see our kids learning, having fun, and expanding their horizons.

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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