#FloridaForty Day 22 Everglades City to Naples


We had a full day in Naples!

We started with a cute little donut shop (Peace, Love, & Little Donuts) and got a few sweets to begin our day.

We headed down to Naples Pier, though we couldn’t go all the way out to the end since part of the pier had been damaged by Hurricane Irma.

We got a chance to walk around the shopping area near the pier, but the shops were a little out of the range we were wanting to spend.  But nonetheless, the exercise was useful.

When we told the kids we were heading to the mall food court for lunch and that we were giving them $6 each so they could pick whatever they wanted, they freaked!  We love that they get so excited about little things like that.

When we got to the Harley store, Macey said she wanted a motorcycle when she gets older. 🙂

We got to step back in time and see how the city was started at the Depot Musuem.

#FloridaForty Day 21 Miramar to Everglades City


We are on the back half of our trip and heading towards the west and then north.


Our drive resulted in a first.  We’ve seen lots of animals in captivity, but had never seen alligators just roaming freely.


The kids spent several minutes doing this….(watch video).

As we thought about it being Martin Luther King Day, we reflect on some of the strides that African Americans have made.  But, then we couldn’t help but think about the slaves and runaways that no doubt ran through these same waterways to try to reach their freedom.  It is pretty surreal to think about.

Since William works while on the road, we are always looking for a post office to mail his clients’ documents to them.  If the sign would not have said so, there is no way we would have believed this was one.

Previously, it was considered to be the smallest post office in the US, only to be recently become the second smallest (after Ojai, CA).

Still enjoying the good weather.

#FloridaForty Day 20 Davie to Miramar

26231815_10213456831628057_6934190843038576222_nOfficially halfway through our 40 day trip and our last day south before we start heading north and to the west.

Hopefully the warm weather follows us.

We had a lazy day and used it to let the kids get some energy out.


And though the playground near the city park was crowded, they had been begging to go.

Often times, it is the lazy days that give us the most joy.  Seeing our kids enjoying each other, enjoying their surroundings, and enjoying the simple (and free) things of life make this lifestyle choice (homeschool/roadschool) so full and fulfilling.

#FloridaForty Day 19 Pembroke Pines to Davie

We are loving the sunny days, especially when we see the weather reports back at home!

Even Kelly has loved the clear skies and warm temperatures.  We just have to watch out for the huge alligators! 🙂


Going from sleet, rainy, muddy, and dusty conditions, our SUV had gotten pretty filthy.   So, we found a self service car wash and let the kids earn their keep.

We were running out of reading material so we picked up a few books at the nearby library.

We picked up another collector’s coin at the last Harley in the Miami area that we still had to visit.

Here is to hoping that the weather cooperates when we get back to GA so that we can go out for a ride ourselves.

#FloridaForty Day 18 Miami Beach to Pembroke Pines


Our day started off with an unscheduled flat tire (as if they are ever scheduled).  Thankfully, we had a spare to put on so that we could take it to get repaired.  We had just placed a brand new set of tires on the truck before we left in December.

We are still in our first 30 days, so we went ahead and called the shop that replaced the tires and added the warranty onto them.  So, if there are any other issues, we will be covered.

Florida weather changes without notice. You can be basking in the sun on minute and ducking back into the RV the next, as a downpour hits!  The kids would be riding their bikes around the paths and then flying back to the awning to get out of the rain.  It was actually quite entertaining for us!

The kids ended up making a friend…or rather, Macey dropped some Nerds candy and he wouldn’t go away.


In between the rain, we had to move sites.  One thing we have learned about booking RV sites in Florida during the winter time is that you better be on it as soon as booking season starts because these snowbirds book fast.

Because we booked at about 5 months out, and not six, we didn’t really have our choice of sites and therefore are moving a few times while we are here.  Lesson learned.

Mackenzie and Phillip tried their hand again at fishing.  She is too much like William, and lacks the patience to sit and wait for a fish to bite.


Our entertainment for the day took us to walk around at Pembroke Lakes Mall…

…followed by dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Probably should have walked around after eating because we were stuffed.

Finished the day with some ice cream and an early night!

#FloridaForty Day 17 Islamorada to Miami Beach

Could we have asked for more perfect weather!?!?!


Miami Beach is as beautiful as we thought it would be.  The beach was spacious, the water was cool, and the breeze was fantastic!

You can’t come to Miami and not have Cuban food.  So we stopped at Las Olas Cafe, which had good reviews (and a long line) and got a plate full!

On the way back to the campground, we found a Harley dealership and made yet another stop at Walmart.



#FloridaForty Day 16 Marathon to Islamorada


We actually learned how to say the city’s name correctly after saying it incorrectly for months.  We had been saying ‘Is-lam-a-do-ra’ (I don’t know why).  One of the ladies at the Visitor’s Center told us that there are two ways to say it.  The Spanish is ‘Is-la-mor-a-da’ where the “is” is pronounced like the English word “is.”  And the Portuguese version ‘I-la-mor-a-da’ where the “is” is pronounced like it is in “Island” and the “s” is silent.

In 1935, there was a hurricane that came onto land and killed over 300 civilians and servicemembers.  A monument was decided to their sacrifice, and included their cremated remains.

We took a little break from learning to go souvenir shopping.

Back to learning…It seems like the kids are starting to like what we like: National Parks and the history behind them.

Biscayne National Park has some great history.  One name you should check out is Sir Lancelot Jones.  Click Here to learn more.

On our way to our campground, we knew we needed to pick up a few items, but we are absolutely tired of going to Walmart, so thankfully we found an Aldi.


We pulled into our campground right before the rain started.  It stopped long enough for Mackenzie and Gig-Up to get a chance to try their hand at fishing.

God even smiled at us with a beautiful rainbow.