Shoe Tree, Mississippi, and Big Buck in Hornsby

The weather while driving in the morning was perfect: cool, sunny, and clear, so we had to stop, on the side of the road, for a photo shoot.received_270887830262525Before making our way to breakfast, the kids put away electronics and worked on a scavenger hunt in their Travel Notebooks. We turned the radio off and just focused on the outdoors.


Macey and Phillip tied on theirs but Mackenzie beat Madison by 1 point! The prize was anything you want from Dollar Tree, ha!!

We planned to stop at Chick-fil-A (our favorite) for breakfast. After 24 Chick-n-Minis, a butter biscuit, a chicken biscuit, 4 count nugget, hash browns, and orange juice, we were full!! received_354916658633577

Before leaving out of Alabama and into Mississippi, we pulled over to add a pair of shoes to the Shoe Tree in Cherokee, AL.


Along the drive, the kids took out their Travel Notebooks that we created.  These books have some entertaining pages, some educational, and some that have a combination of both. We work hard on using travel as a way to increase their experience and knowledge.


Quickly through Mississippi and into Tennessee, our stop for the night is in Hornsby.


The kids were initially disappointed due to all of the mud at our campsite, they wanted to ride their bikes and new scooters that they got for Christmas…


….but that disappointment didn’t last long. They found other ways to occupy themselves.

Macey and Phillip with Legos


Mackenzie with The Sims on Xbox


Madison with a movie on her phone in her bunk


Today, the adventure continues!

Author: Thomas6Travels

We're a little family who loves to travel!

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