#FloridaForty We’ve Made It Home

2 parents…4 children…40 cities…40 days…27 Harley Davidson dealerships stopped at…14 RV parks…4,152.6 miles driven…71 hours and 2 minutes driving…418.1 gallons of gas…35 new Christmas ornaments for our travel tree…way too many Walmart stops…

=1 grand trip!

Thanks again for joining us on our 40 day journey through the state of Florida.

(and to think that it rained for that many days straight while Noah was on the ark and Jesus fasted for that long while in the wilderness)

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Along the way, we made some great memories, had a lot of fun, tasted new food, talked with some fantastic people, and grew closer together as a family.  It is these times that we hope have the greatest impact on our children.

So that we can keep a record of our trip, as well as to share with those who are wanting to know, we decided to share our itinerary as well as the names of the RV/Campgrounds/State Parks/National Parks we camped in.

Feature City                            RV Park

Day 1           Jacksonville                           Little Talbot State Park Jacksonville, FL

Day 2           Ponte Vedra Beach               Faver-Dykes State Park St. Augustine, FL

Day 3           St. Augustine                         Faver-Dykes State Park

Day 4           Mt. Dora                                 Bee’s RV Resort Clermont, FL

Day 5           Howey-in-the-Hills              Bee’s RV Resort

Day 6           Eatonville                              Bee’s RV Resort

Day 7           Lady Lake                              Bee’s RV Resort

Day 8           Clermont                                Bee’s RV Resort

Day 9           Groveland                              Bee’s RV Resort

Day 10         Frostproof                              Kissimmee Prairie Preserve S.P. Okeechobee, FL

Day 11         Okeechobee                           Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Day 12         Taylor Creek                          Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Day 13         Dania Beach                          Fiesta Key Rv and Marina Layton, FL

Day 14         Key West                                Fiesta Key Rv and Marina

Day 15          Marathon                              Fiesta Key Rv and Marina

Day 16         Islamorada                             C.B. Smith Park Pembroke Pines, FL

Day 17         Miami Beach                          C.B. Smith Park

Day 18         Pembroke Pines                    C.B. Smith Park

Day 19         Davie                                       C.B. Smith Park

Day 20         Miramar                                 C.B. Smith Park

Day 21         Everglades City                     Collier Seminole State Park Naples, FL

Day 22          Naples                                    Collier Seminole State Park

Day 23          Fort Myers Beach                 Little Manatee River State Park Wimauma, FL

Day 24          Winter Haven                       Little Manatee River State Park

Day 25         Clearwater                              Mary’s Fish Camp Weeki Wachee, FL

Day 26          Weeki Wachee                      Mary’s Fish Camp

Day 27          Alachua                                   Suwanee River State Park Live Oak, FL

Day 28          Live Oak                                  Suwanee River State Park

Day 29          Madison                                  Suwanee River State Park

Day 30          Lee                                           Suwanee River State Park

Day 31          Carrabelle                              St. George Island State Park, St. George Island, FL

Day 32          St. George Island                  St. Andrews State Rec Area Panama City Beach, FL

Day 33          Panama City Beach              St. Andrews State Recreation Area

Day 34         Niceville                                  Fred Gannon State Park Niceville, FL

Day 35          Destin                                     Fred Gannon State Park

Day 36          Valparaiso                             Fred Gannon State Park

Day 37          Gulf Breeze                           Fort Pickens Recreation Area-  Gulf Islands National Seashore Pensacola, FL

Day 38          Pensacola Beach                  Fort Pickens Recreation Area

Day 39          Molino                                   Fort Pickens Recreation Area

Day 40          Century                                   N/A Home





#FloridaForty Day 11 Frostproof to Okeechobee


Another successful city sign picture, minus the ant pile Madison stepped in!  We spent the next 5 minutes stomping, and slapping, and swatting ants off of her pants and shoes!

Kelly has been craving her strawberry soda that she grew up with.  And since there is no Winn-Dixie in N. Georgia anymore, we had to make a stop.


Don’t let the smiles fool you-one of them was just crying about not having a small cart to push around…I won’t tell which one is was, but he stopped crying as soon as he had one too 🙂

We found a fresh food market on the side of the road and Kelly knew it would be great to have some good eating with her bratwurst for dinner.  So we picked up some squash, zucchini, serrano peppers, onions, and some fresh potatoes.

Needless to say, dinner was a success.

We spent a good deal of the day outside in the sun at the campground.  It is a beautiful place.  It is a State Prairie Preserve so we were away from civilization about 25 miles and the park ranger and camp volunteers were amazing.


One of the camp volunteers, Mr. Allen, who knows more about the celestial images than most I would say, was kind enough to allow us to look through his specially filtered binoculars to look at the sun as well as his high powered telescope at night to see the stars!

It is looking like we are headed towards warmer weather!

#FloridaForty Day 10 Groveland to Frostproof

We are 1/4 of the way through our trip.  And finally a day of sun, so we made the most of it!

With the all the cold we have had, each of the last few nights, we’ve gone through quite a bit of propane.  So, once again, we headed to Walmart, but this time we loaded up so it should keep us a few days from having to go back.


We stopped by the last Harley Davidson of Orlando to pick up another poker chip.


Driving through downtown Kissimmee, we stopped at a massive structure, called the “Monument to States” and discovered a beautiful memorial to veterans of Kissimmee, FL.

And how can you travel through Florida without tasting their orange juice? No better place than to get it than Florida’s Natural Orange Juice Visitor Center, right across from their plant.