#FloridaForty Day 8 Lady Lake to Clermont

Yet another day of cold, but it didn’t stop us from getting out and seeing the city of Clermont.

We stopped first for breakfast at the 24/7 Donut King, which did not disappoint!

Our adventures included another stop at Target and Walmart, as well as an impromptu stop at the library to get some books to read on the road.

We drove through the downtown area of Clermont on the way to their Harley Dealership, to collect another poker chip.

Finally, calling it a day, we finished up with some coffee and hot chocolate.  Gig-up was happy with that plan!


#FloridaForty Day 7 Eatonville to Lady Lake

Nothing extra unique about the city, except that we thought the name was pretty cool.


The cold, rainy, cloudy day was back so we didn’t do too much.


However we made yet another trip to Walmart (7 times in 7 days) and a second trip to Target.


But Target was a score as the twins (Kelly and Madison) made a mandatory stop at the Starbucks in the store and we loaded up on some more 90% off wrapping paper.

While we are enjoying the snuggling, lazy weather, we are looking forward to getting more south and seeing some sun.

We know the kids sure are!

#FloridaForty Day 6 Howey-in-the-Hills to Eatonville

What a day!  We stepped back in time and saw a piece of history, visited 3 Harley Davidson shops, saw Mackenzie’s face light up while at the same time shedding tears, had a picnic lunch by the lake, and William once again lost his wallet.

Yeah…what a day!

Though it was a little bit out of the way, there was no way we couldn’t stop in Eatonville.  Founded in 1887, Eatonville was the first all black city to be incorporated in America.  We love their city motto: “Progress through Understanding.”

While only a population of roughly 2400, the city is still about 90% black.  And you can tell that the culture has had a huge impact on the city. It was awesome seeing the churches’ parking lots full, as we drove through during service time.


From Eatonville, we decided to see if we could “run into” Mackenzie’s favorite YouTubers (KKandBabyJ).  She literally knows everything about them.  She knew of two places that they often frequented, so of course we went to both.

First, we stopped at a Target and didn’t run into them (but did find some great deals on Christmas stuff).  So, we decided to head down to New Orleans Cajun Seafood in Orlando, where one of the YouTubers’ mother worked.

As soon as she walked in, she instantly noticed the sister of her favorite YouTuber.  Mackenzie, already melting down, said, “Jackie?!?!”


Thankfully, Jackie was sweet enough to take a picture and FaceTime her brother (who was staying at home with his sick child).

William couldn’t understand all of it, but both he and Kelly loved how excited she was, as you can tell from the video.

Continuing down into Orlando, we visited another 3 Harley Davidson dealerships, adding to our already expansive collection of clothing, accessories, and collectibles.

Always on the lookout for the oldest, or largest, or craziest something, we stopped by the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s.  It was huge.  It had an arcade, two stories, and you could order fresh pizza and pasta.  For real!!

Our day was full for sure.  Especially after getting back to the campground and realizing that William had lost his wallet.  Thankfully, it was lost while at the campground and someone had turned it in to the front office!


#FloridaForty Day 5 Mt. Dora to Howey-in-the-Hills

What kind of name is Howey-in-the-Hills for a city?  That’s what we thought and it’s why we decided to visit it  🙂


This quaint little city is located about midway between Orlando and Ocala.  It literally took us about 4 minutes to drive through the entire city, even after driving to their post office.


After driving through the city, we headed a little north to get some coffee, run to Aldi, and grab some Panda Express.  In doing so, we passed through the town of The Villages.


Interesting fact about this city: you are not allowed to live here if you have children 18 years old or younger unless there was a hardship.  Only .3% of the 4,500 households in the city have children that age living with them (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Villages,_Florida).

The sun was out all day and if felt great.  The kids were finally able to ride their bikes (and skateboard).  So much so, that the only time they really stopped was for the pictures.

#FloridaForty Day 3 Ponta Verde Beach to St. Augustine

We didn’t have a long drive south to St Augustine, so we decided to stop and see some of the downtown area.

In almost every town, there is a part of our culture and history that has left its mark.  We were able to walk the steps Andrew Young took before being violently beaten unconscious.  Once again, Macey struggled to grapple with how people could be so evil.

Continuing across the street were some awesome shops, a Harley Dealership of course, and a few places to grab a bite to eat.

Leave it up to Mackenzie to smell out the pizza!

Madison and Mackenzie had been dying to try a macaroon…needless to say, as Madison’s picture shows, they were not fans of it.

And Kelly found her treat for the day: a caramel apple with nuts at Kilwin’s!  Score!


I don’t know what it is with us but we have some kind of infatuation with lighthouses…

…and tiny spaces (we are spending 40 days in an RV)!


#FloridaForty Day 2 Jacksonville to Ponte Vedra Beach

Before leaving Jacksonville we decided to stop by the Kingsley Plantation.  Macey had a hard time understanding what kind of people would allow for the inhumane treatment of other people.

From there, we continued our journey south.


As always,  we’ve made a game out of seeing who can find the city sign first…and of course daddy is winning so far.

Though it was windy, we decided to take a photo on the beach and stop by this cute little ice cream shop!

While we aren’t complaining about the cool weather, we are looking forward to seeing some sun soon.

#FloridaForty Day 1-Home to Jacksonville, FL


We have been looking forward to this trip for a while now!  Our three other trips this year were just after William’s father passed, we spent time with Grandma Shonen (William’s second mother) and our cruises in August and October. So, it was time for a long RV road trip.

Monday afternoon we arrived in Jacksonville, FL where we lived for three years.


We love that every time we come back here, we see stuff in the city we that we haven’t seen before.  It is amazing how big the city is!


Went by the Harley Davidson dealership…

Stopped by Sweet Pete’s candy store (www.sweetpetescandy.com)…



William tried to eat the biggest sucker he could find.  Too bad he wasn’t tall enough! 🙂

And while we had a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of neat things, we want our children to know that we travel with a purpose.  We desire that our children are cultured and educated by experiences in life and not simply by what has been told to them.

We want to them to know the “how, what, and why” by SEEING the “where” it took place.  We want our children to be proud–proud of their faith, their culture, and the strength of their ancestors.